Basketball /World Cup: Paulo Macedo quits national team

Las Palmas, Canary Grana – The national basketball squad coach, Paulo Macedo, today said that his cycle in the national team comes to an end after the 2014 World Cup taking place in Spain., Speaking to the press at the end of the game against Australia in which the African champions won by 91-83, the head coach showed up annoyed with the criticism of his work and even "attacks" to his families.

"My cycle comes to an end in the national squad after the competition. I have all the support from the Federation, but there are people connected to basketball who constantly attack my family. With me it is different, but I cannot admit that they involve my family,"he stressed, noting that his contract with the team expires at the end of the World Cup.

In five games played at the World Cup, Angola won two and lost three. The qualification of the African champions is dependent on the outcome of the meeting between Mexico and South Korea.

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