War in Afghanistan is a lost cause. – Heinz Duthel sur Fnac.com

Over USD4 bn in cash flies out of Kabul
Corruption a way of life in Afghanistan
America is performing its familiar role of propping up a dictator
Afghan Puppet, President Hamid Karzai, more corrupt then tall.

US forces were participating in a civil war in Vietnam while claiming they were supporting democracy and the sovereignty of the country. In Lebanon in 1982, they claimed to be supporting the „democratically“ elected President Amin Gemayel and took the Christian Maronite side in the civil war. And now, after Disneyworld elections, they are on the Karzai-government side against the Pashtun villagers of southern Afghanistan among whom the Taliban live. Where is the next My Lai? Journalists should avoid predictions. In this case I will not. Our Western mission in Afghanistan is going to end in utter disaster.

Occupation War in Afghanistan is a lost cause.

Only incompetent Bureaucrats and would be Rambo Generals and war mongering NATO Forces keeps on promoting this already lost occupation of Afghanistan and sending their soldiers to die for a lost cause.
Afghanistan without complete destruction or use of nuclear forces, kind second style of Vietnam, cause only suffering and mass killing of innocent civilians and useless death of Occupation forces soldiers.

As ex Foreign Legionnaire and Ret’d Colonel, I always have learned that the priority of all Army’s is to teach or soldiers to keep alive and stay in line.

The occupation forces leaders in Afghanistan teach their soldiers the contrary and lies.

Each war is a crime, we all know it. This in Afghanistan even more, because hunting down a group of well know terrorist, is a job of the international Secret Services, Interpol cooperation and so on, but not a 12 year war game.
This war and occupation started as a crime and will be ended as a crime, for the United States as a second Vietnam, for the NATO forces as the first blow in history.

Any kind of illegal occupation with a corrupt ‘Puppet Government’ in place, administrate by incompetent bureaucrats and office generals, without support of the peoples, is lost the day the occupation started.

The day when George W. Bush started this occupation, it has been the horrible days after 9/11 and any patriot has been behind. Today 12 years later, this war and occupation is a job of a degenerated would be force in power.

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