The Timeliner by Rob Satterwhite (Author), Kim Aiken (Editor)

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The Timeliner Kindle Edition

by Rob Satterwhite(Author), Kim Aiken (Editor)

Everyone at some point in time has wished they could do life over. But what if that do-over meant you were ripped away from the one you love the most? What would you do to get back to them?
Just such a choice is given to Army Sergeant Hudson Brantley. Never having lived up to his potential, he elicits and manipulates his way into a top secret Pentagon time travel project and finds himself trapped in his past. Now this twenty-seven-year-old man is stuck in his own twelve-year-old body and must take on a new mission – getting back to his true love, Sarah.
The one thing that drives him on, the one thing he refuses to change, is the powerful love he feels for the woman he left behind. Where she’s concerned everything must play out the same…

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