Conversation Mastery: Improve Your Social Skills And Mental Power With 300 Life-Changing Quotes Kindle Edition by Richard Gray (Author)

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Conversation Mastery: Improve Your Social Skills And Mental Power With 300 Life-Changing Quotes Kindle Edition

by Richard Gray (Author)

Imagine if there was an easier method for memory development, one that makes brain exercise enjoyable and simple; then you would not only have a healthier mind, but also greater social skills.Well the book, Conversation Mastery does it all. It takes a unique spin on the memory palace, the most powerful mental technique ever devised, and reveals how you can begin effortlessly memorizing quotes. Not only will this brain training exercise enhance your mental strength, but its words of wisdom will also imprint a tremendous range of knowledge onto your unconscious mind.

In a time where less and less attention is given to maintaining brain health, Conversation Mastery introduces a new mental exercise that can be practiced on the move by anyone, anywhere. Each quote is accompanied with a vivid story designed specifically to assist you in remembering as well as understanding its meaning.

On top of strengthening brain power, with the many quotes memorized, you will also improve your conversation skills. Awkward silences will become a thing of the past and your conversations will sparkle with an extra dimension of wit. No more scrambling to find the right thing to say at the right moment. At the least, you will become a more interesting person.

Give Conversation Mastery a try. Learn how to master the social and mental training memory technique, and delight in seeing how your confidence soars along with your memory power while your conversation skills increase.

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conversation mastery

“ Imagine a brain exercise so simple and enjoyable you could practice it anytime anywhere, giving you not only a healthier mind, but also greater social skills. „

* Build up your mental muscle and a database of quotes with the ground breaking new social & mental training memory technique for the information age.

* Structure your mind so you are never again lost for words – your brain will be feeding you ingenious quotes on any subject as they arise in conversation.

* Delight in seeing how your confidence soars, along with your memory power and conversation skills.
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What would you do if you could switch on your brain like a light bulb and experience memory improvement at the speed of light?
Flex your mental muscle with this tour-de-force in memory:
* Speeches become a pleasure.
* Exam ‘A’ grades become realistic goals. 
* Remembering names and faces – a reality.
* Bedtime storytelling – magical… to your child.
​* Numbers, PINS, Passwords – rapidly recalled.
* Phobias (yes phobias) – eradicated.
* And much more…​


OFF TO A GREAT START – I think this might work. I was skeptical at first but I started reading and applying what is suggested and without giving away too much, I’m off to a great start. – Elisha
SUPER BRAIN WORKOUT!!! – Having ADD is a struggle that many people don’t necessarily realize they have until someone points it out. I had this happen to me at close to the age of 30. I recently found this book and OH MY GOODNESS! I wish I had found it much sooner, college probably wouldn’t have been such a struggle. I’m looking forward to implementing the techniques I’ve learned with my children. I can’t thank you enough. – Amazon customer
ENTICING WORD PICTURES – This is great. The author is very good (especially for a non-fiction book) at presenting word pictures for the reader to understand it better. I received this product in exchange for my honest review and was very impressed at the author’s ability to entice the reader to keep reading. He presents how people typically learn and relates it to how this book will work for you. – DeDe
ULTIMATE ONE! – This is a nice little pocket book for anyone who is looking for something to improve his memory. It has an amazing collection of various memory techniques. I find it easy to understand as it contains a lot of examples. The bottom line is its practical and to the point. – Navpreet S
STEP BY STEP GUIDE – I love the step by step process in this book. You can go as fast or slow as you need. It breaks down how too. You get so much information like how to store and retrieve memories, examples, highlighted words, ect. A lot to take in but as I am going thru training at my job it is very useful.
NOT VERY LONG THUS IT IS EASY FOR ME TO FINISH THE BOOK – I am a graduate of Psychology and this book draw my attention. I found this really interesting to read and it is affordable to get. It is not very long thus it is easy for me to finish the book. The concept is very promising and you just have to dig into understanding more of the concept. I will probably read it again to really absorb it. Good read! – M&M (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)