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TSR Select understands that nobody wants average. Everybody wants ‘great.’ 

We connect great companies with great candidates. 

It is what we do and have been doing for over 20 years in the IT sector.

Everything at TSR Select is designed to make this happen.

Trust the team at TSR Select; Put Your Career In Our Hands and come away feeling ‚GREAT!‘

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About Totally Sales Recruitment

Together, we at TSR work in a variety of specialist divisions within the IT sector. This is something companies find beneficial as we are able to source candidates that possess truly relevant experience in specific offshoots of the IT industry.

We truly believe that successful recruitment has to be based on a relationship that operates as a partnership. With this in mind we invest our time in visiting new and current clients to become familiar with the people who run the organisations and the nature of the vacancies they are looking to fill.

Through this method we have found our success rate of placing the right candidate is significantly higher than in standard telephone based recruitment.

At TSR we work with a large number of companies within the various fields of IT. There are common traits however that most of these clients look for in the service that we provide.

  • To give a clear understanding of the job brief given to us and general company details
  • To present well matched candidates in a clear and concise manner
  • To ensure a high level of attendance and punctuality for subsequent interviews
  • To fully brief candidates in order to ensure client’s expectations are met
  • To ensure candidates have realistic expectations and are serious about the role.

We work tirelessly to guarantee that these traits are apparent to you from day one.  This enables us to provide a precise and efficient service that offers a high chance of filling vacancies with candidates who go on to prove themselves as the very best person for the role.

A member of staff is ready
to talk to you!

0203 837 9180


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Amazon Are Hiring…for a PC Game

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Obama Calls for Better Cybersecurity

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During a news conference at the G7 currently being held in Germany, President Obama focused on Cyber Security with the President asking that the USA …


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Oh OK. Apple to Enter Streaming Music Business

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Oh OK. Indeed As expected, Apple announced a music streaming app at the WWDC and the Spotify Chief, Daniel Ek responded with two words. “Oh …


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Apple to Challenge Spotify?

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Apple’s Annual WWDC event is around the corner and the rumour mill is in full swing, with the gossip that Apple will launch a streaming …


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UK Surveillance Powers Challenged

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 4 June 2015

  Rand Paul took a stand against the Patriot Act  in the Senate last, successfully filibustering any efforts to renew the …


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Facebook Opens AI Lab in Paris

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 2 June 2015

Facebook and Google are two companies that are the most likely to go leaps and bounds ahead in the Machine Learning phase of the technological …


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Google on Tap

Google on Tap: Machine Learning

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Google’s annual developer conference might not have blown the minds of many this year but that is to be expected sometimes. That is something …


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Windows 10 Global Release Date

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 1 June 2015

Windows 10 will be arriving this summer and the free upgrade will be arriving on July 29 th and the free upgrade will be available to anyone who …


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US Surveillance Powered Down

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 1 June 2015

The legal authority that US spy agencies use to collect bulk information of Americans has expired after the Senate failed to reach a deal. Rand …


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No Man’s Sky – A New Frontier

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 12 May 2015

No Man’s Sky is a game currently being developed by British studio, Hello Games based in London and lead by Sean Murray, who leads a team of …


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Oculus Rift Finally Gets a Release Date

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 11 May 2015

After 3 years of waiting, press conferences and general hype building, it has happened folks… it has finally happened, the Oculus Rift is …


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DEC Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 7 May 2015

TSR Select are urging anyone to donate to the the DEC’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Nepal is a wonderful country and a stopping point for those who …


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Join the Tech Revolution

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 21 April 2015

We are hiring and we want you to sign up to the Tech Revolution! It is the fastest growing sector in the UK and with recruitment being a £28bn …


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The TSR Select Manifesto – Hardworking IT Recruitment for Britain

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 20 April 2015

Obviously the UK General Election is around the corner, if you have’t registered to vote, please do so by clicking here That being said, you’ve …


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Apple Watch: The Reviews are ‚Meh‘

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 13 April 2015

The Apple Watch is here! Well…somewhat. The latest piece of tech from Apple has been given out to a select few techies out in the world and …


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Adios Onlive

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 13 April 2015

Remember Onlive? No? To bring everyone back up to speed on it, Onlive launched in 2010 in the USA, its basic premise was that it was to be …


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„What If You Got Pregnant?“

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 1 April 2015

Martha Lane Fox, who delivered this year’s Dimbleby Lecture on the theme of “Dot Everyone,” is the co-founder of …


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Facebook Messenger – More APIs Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 26 March 2015

25 th March 2015 will be a day that will always be remembered as the day Jeremy Clarkson and Zayn Malik dominated the news. (Not really but the …


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PushbulletLogo Transparent

Life Hack App Review: PushBullet

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 24 March 2015

PushBullet is an app that you cannot live without. Sending documents, links and files from your phone to your Desktop always felt like a bit of a …


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An App to Die For?

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 23 March 2015

The Apple Watch hysteria has died down now a little bit in my opinion since the launch event by Tim Cook. If you haven’t heard about it then …


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Solar Eclipse

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This is a picture of the first ‚contact‘ between the Sun and the Moon. A truly wonderful celestial event is taking place, given that the Spring …


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Get Your

Get Your Foot in The Door

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 19 March 2015

Everyone knows how hard it can be to get that job that you really, really want.  With lots of spring cleaning underway, it might be an idea …


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Things IT Support People NEVER say

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 19 March 2015

Courtesy of the people at Silicon Republic  we found this video about what IT Support people NEVER say hilarious!  Being an IT …


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Where In The World To Get Your Guinness

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The Irish Times published a list of the best Irish pubs outside of Ireland to enjoy and celebrate St Patrick’s Day. From London and New York to …


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Say Hello!

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Red Nose Day!

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Lets make sure this is the best Red Nose Day ever!  Donate here …

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The Potential Trillion Dollar Event

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 9 March 2015

The Apple Watch launch doesn’t have long to go – Apple-ites‘ hearts will beat faster with each new feature explained and they will be hoping for …


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Apple Watch Launch

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 8 March 2015

Today Apple will be showcasing their Watch, a piece of technology that could send the value of the company upwards of a trillion dollars. A TRILLION …


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The Net Neutrality Act Gets Passed

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 27 February 2015

So Net Neutrality got passed yesterday. The internet is in celebration while the big bad telecom corporation are off to pout in the corner over the …


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The Curious Cycle of Peter Molyneux

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 25 February 2015

The Curious Cycle of Peter Molyneux If you like video games, I’m sure you’re familiar with Peter Molyneux. Creator of Bullfrog …


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You Never Had Privacy

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 24 February 2015

Did you ever watch Four Lions ? If you haven’t you must, it is great satire and one scene sticks particularly in mind, with the revelation of …


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Pocket Logo

App Review: Put It In Your…Pocket – A Godsend App

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 20 February 2015

  I’ve been using Pocket since December 2014 and boy is this app a godsend. As Marketing Manager here at TSR Select, it is impossible for …


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Rise of the Smart Cars

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 19 February 2015

Ferrari’s FF has the honour of being the first car in the world to feature Apple’s new CarPlay. ‚Innovative‘ name I know but the idea is …


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I’m Not Old Fashioned…I Like Drinking Them

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 18 February 2015

Its no secret around the office that I love an Old Fashioned. Everyone loves a pint after work, be it lager, ale, cider etc. But for me there is …


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Is Netflix To Blame for Traditional TV Dying?

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 13 February 2015

Traditional means of watching television dropped 12% last year from the previous in the United States. That is a staggering drop, considering the …


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Artificial Intelligence: Reputation v Reality

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 11 February 2015

AI is something that is slowly beginning to become more and more of a reality, as technology marches ever forwards, technological advances have seen …


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App Review: Umano – Have It All Read To You

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 10 February 2015

I was quite late to Umano I have to admit. I am always on the lookout for the latest apps that will help me work better, increase my productivity …


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Amazon Opens Its First Shop

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Amazon are slowly seeping out of the realm of the internet and into the streets, ready to take on and defeat its competitors face to face. Amazon …


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Super Bowl 2015 Tech Ads

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Super Bowl adverts are those rare adverts that can make or break a company. Sometimes they prove to be too controversial and sometimes they fall …


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Here Come’s a New Challenger: Xiaomi and Their Deliberate and Continued Rise to Power

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 30 January 2015

The smartphone market is pretty well saturated right now. Not too many different phone providers but not too little. Even with this market though …


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HTC ONE (M9) Leaks

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The new HTC M9 leaks are coming thick and fast Leaked images of the handset show that it is almost identical to the M8 which was and is …


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PS4 Anniversary Edition: 85k you say?

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Hey we’re back to the PS4 again, more specifically that grey one that caused worldwide pandemonium back in December. Not content with selling …


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Amazon’s Japanese Offices Raided

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As part of Japanese police’s efforts into alleged sales of child abuse images via Amazon, Amazon’s Japanese offices were raided. It is …


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No Stone Left Unturned: Google Wireless Carrier Plan

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Google’s doing something new again, only this company can bore me with attempted innovation, yes Google’s recently announced that they …


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Apple’s Quarterly Profit “Biggest in History”

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 28 January 2015

According to Standard and Poor’s, Apple, the most cash rich company in the world, made a quarterly profit of $18bn or £11.8bn. With …


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IBM is behind Control Alt Delete

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 27 January 2015

Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder admitted during a Harvard fundraising campaign that IBM would not allow Microsoft to implement a one button …


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Top Gadgets for 2015 So Far

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 6 January 2015

Men’s Health have compiled an interesting list of the most exicting gadgets of 2015…so far. On the list are the obvious choices such as the …


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Merry Christmas from TSR!

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 22 December 2014

TSR Select would like to wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!  Heres to a wonderful 2015 to you and all! The 12 th December …


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“It’s a love story, baby, just say, Yes?“ – Best Tech Quotes 2014

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 18 December 2014

With much of 2014 in the rear view mirror, The New Yorker magazine compiled a list of the Best Tech Quotes for 2014 .  Personally I …


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TSR Select Xmas Newsletter

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 17 December 2014

Our Newsletter for December is out! What do you have to look forward to?  The team wearing their Xmas Jumpers, Liam Neeson some advice on …


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20th Anniversary for the Playstation 4

Posted by Christopher Sargeant on 17 December 2014

Over the past few weeks, Sony has announced and released a special edition PS4 in order to celebrate the 20 th Anniversary of the PlayStation …


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Vince Cable’s Xmas Card

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 15 December 2014

We received a wonderfully designed Xmas card from Vince Cable, our local MP.  We are mightly impressed with the design skills displayed by …


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Xmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day!

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 12 December 2014

Yup Christmas Jumper Day is here at TSR Select! We’ve all been getting in the mood for Xmas and being on Church Street you just can’t help it! We …


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Faster, Better and Stronger

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 11 December 2014

Out with the old and in with the new! As you can see from the picture, we’ve updated our systems. Thanks to David’s help  and rest of the guys …


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Embarrassment for Sony…Again

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 8 December 2014

No doubt by now you’ve heard that Sony was hacked by a collective calling themselves the Guardians of Peace. The G.O.P hacked and released films …


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London is the Graduate Capital of the World for 2014

Posted by Kanu Avasthy on 5 December 2014

Statista in conjunction with The Independent reported that London is Graduate capital of the world.  London graduates accounted for 53% of …



arecons Arab European Consulting

Unsere Leistungen


Herr Amor Dhaouadi verfügt eine langjährige Erfahrung in der Beratung von mittelständigen und grossen Unternehmen.

Seine Schwerpunkte liegen auf den Bereichen:

  • International Business (MENA)
  • Sales und Marketing
  • Managementberatung
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Projektmanagement
  • EFQM Excellence Assessment

Mehr über den Lebenslauf von Herrn Dhaouadi erfahren Sie hier.


Unsere Leistungen für Ihren Erfolg im International Business in der MENA-Region

Analyse Marktdaten im Zielland


Wir sammeln, werten aus und untersuchen die Zielmärkte Ihrer Wahl in Bezug auf:

  • Politische Veränderungen und Einflussfaktoren
  • Soziologische, kulturelle und Lifestyle-Themen
  • Wirtschaftliche Situation der Zielmärkte
  • Gesetzliche Rahmenbedingungen

Analyse der Industriebranche im Zielland


  • Kundenverhandlungsmacht bewerten
  • Direkte und neue Wettbewerber, sowie alternative Anbieter erkennen und bewerten
  • Analyse Lieferantenverhandlungsmacht

Interne Analyse der Firmenressourcen


  • Einnahmen, Profit, Kundenloyalität, Kosten
  • Produkt- und Servicequalität
  • Innovationsfähigkeit (F&E, Patente,…)
  • Mitarbeiter/Manager Performance & Kompetenzen

Go-to-Market-Strategie für die Zielmärkte

hBd6EPoQT2C8VQYv65ys_White Sands

  • Marktsegmentierung, Evaluierung, und Priorisierung
  • Produktstrategie
  • Marketingstrategie
  • Channel- und Distributionsstrategie

Geschäfts-anbahnung im Zielland


  • Unterstützung bei der Verhandlung mit potentiellen Partnern, Distributoren, Kunden, Behörden
  • Beratung und Begleitung der Projekte über den Vertragsabschluss hinaus

Interims-management im Zielland


  • Rekrutierung im Zielland
  • Organisationsaufbau
  • Projektmanagement


Wissen Sie genug über Ihre Zielmärkte in den Ländern der MENA-Region?
Erfahren Sie hier, wie Sie Ihr Wissen erweitern und Ihren Wissensvorsprung gegenüber Ihren Konkurrenten ausbauen

Melden Sie sich zu unserem monatlichen Newsletter und erfahren Sie

– Was die Märkte bewegt und wie Sie darauf reagieren

– Welche Events, News und Veranstaltungen auf der Welt und in der MENA-Region stattfinden

– Wie Sie Ihre Managementkompetenzen für den Erfolg Ihrer Firma erweitern und erfolgreich einsetzen

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – Business Opportunities and Market Entry Modes

> Amor Dhaouadi

International business expansion in the countries of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region can take on different market entry modes. This document gives an outlook on the business opportunities of the region, highlights the main market entry modes and the underlying pros and cons thereof. It gives also an overview on the trade-offs between risk and control companies should make when they extend their business abroad.

Lesen Sie den kompletten Artikel: Middle East North Africa – Exciting Business Opportunities & Market Entry Modes (19 Downloads )

Machen Sie den nächsten Schritt

Nun sind Sie an der Reihe. Ob Sie Ihr nächstes grosses Projekt im arabsichen Raum planen, oder Ihre Firmenstrategie entwickeln und umsetzen möchten, sind Sie hier richtig.

Schreiben Sie mir eine Nachricht oder rufen Sie mich an. Ich melde mich umgehend zurück.

Amor Dhaouadi Consulting Services

Neudorfstr. 35, 8820 Wädenswil, Schweiz

+41-(0)43-53 686 70


New Global Ethical Initiative for Business Reaches 150 Participants in the First Six Months


Different countries flags

Konstantin Krinski


International Businesses Standards Organization

Email: info@standardizations.org

Phone: + (972) 528232381

Website: www.standardizations.org

New Global Ethical Initiative for Business Reaches 150 Participants in the First Six Months


Jerusalem, Israel – May 18, 2015 – Konstantin Krinski, chairman of the International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO), announced that since the official launch of its Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce, more than 150 participants from 40 countries have formally committed to promoting ethical business initiatives and practices around the world. Participation in the Worldwide Charter is free, voluntary, and the IBSO is accepting applications for signatories, sponsors and partnerships.

“We created an all-encompassing code of conduct that reflects the universal principles of fair dealing and the best international practices in ethics and corporate responsibility,” said Krinski.

IBSO is dedicated to promoting ethical standards essential for a network of international business worldwide. IBSO’s charter is comprised of nine basic principles of corporate governance designed to foster adherence to international commerce laws, fair trade, human rights and environmental stewardship. The organization encompasses businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs across multiple industries and fields of endeavor – to promote international business standards.

The United States and UK are leading the way in the number of signatories who have made the commitment, but the desire for fair business standards, stability and the code of conduct embodied in the project’s participants have generated universal approval.

The diversity of participants in the Charter underscores the universal desire for fair dealing principles and business ethics. Participants include a Swiss bank and a British postal company, along with a South-African cosmetics firm and a saxophone band in Ottawa. IBSO members also include: a restaurant in Tokyo, an international law firm in Brazil, a metal construction factory in Ghana, etc.

International certification and business standardization provides a clear and understandable code of ethics and practices in an expanding global marketplace. IBSO supports peaceful and sustainable global development through economic integration. It’s an active participant of the United Nations Global Compact and integrates the UN’s core values in its activities.

Member companies and organizations proclaim their commitment to business best practices, sustainable development and respect of social and environmental issues. They’re listed in IBSO’s online catalogue, receive the charter signatory certificate and have the right to use the Worldwide Charter signatory logo. Participants are promoted through social media and their Charter related press releases are published in IBSO’s Global Leadership Bulletin.

Obtaining 150 participants from 40 countries in just six months highlights the need and desire of enterprises worldwide for a code of ethics and standardized practices. The International Businesses Standards Organization is accepting applications for signatories, sponsors and partners committed to the highest principles of corporate governance, international commerce laws and respect for social and cultural differences. The project provides businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to work together toward a common goal.

For more information, the organization can be reached by phone at + (972) 528232381, via email at press@standardizations.org or by visiting www.standardizations.org, the website of International Businesses Standards Organization. The Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce application form is available online.

Additional Links:

YouTube Video Presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apTM52zA0xs

IBSO logo http://www.standardizations.org/bulletin/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/IBSOLogo.jpg

Worldwide Charter logo http://www.standardizations.org/bulletin/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Charter_Logo.png

The Worldwide Charter Top-7 Countries Signatories Chart http://www.standardizations.org/bulletin/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Chart.png

About International Businesses Standards Organization

Founded in 2011 by Konstantin Krinski and Avi Markovich, the IBSO is a non-profit organization that promotes the adoption of sustainable and fair trade practices worldwide, providing standards for public and private institutions involved in international trade and finance. The Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce encompasses peaceful and sustainable development, respect for human rights and responsible environmental stewardship.

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KASPARI accessories            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact:  Sofia Danay
Title:        Media liaison
Skype:     getkaspari
email:    media@getkaspari.com


Redefines Lifestyle Accessories with 5.45 Carbon Buckle Belt


April 10, 2015 – Dedicated to the design and development of lifestyle elements for discerning tastes that don’t bow to convention and combining advanced composite technology and fine leather craftsmanship, KASPARI (www.getkaspari.com) is redefining lifestyle accessories with the introduction of their 5.45 carbon buckle genuine leather men’s belt.

The Kaspari 5.45 is manufactured from hand-laid and cured carbon fiber. The buckle features the extensively tested stress-support aereo™ stud. Undisputed as a premium material, carbon fiber features a non-metallic composition with exceptional strength to weight ratio and high performance applications. The base material traces to the same grade of carbon fiber used in high-performance cycling and motor-racing.

“KASPARI clients respect freedom and demand individuality that does not conform to popular convention,“ says Alex William, head of product development at KASPARI. “We’re offering expertly constructed genuine leather belts matched to one of the strongest and most desirable materials available.”

Engineered to be comfortable, the belt features a sleek buckle that surpasses current trends and which is both ergonomic and aesthetically dynamic. The leather strap incorporates fine saddle stitching and a hard exterior leather trim complemented by a comfortable padded interior. Belts are made to original crafting standards with a non-reversible strap and stitched-in buckles. Holes are slit to accommodate the aereo™ stud.

Kaspari Belts will be available in sizes starting from 80cm up through 100cm beginning in May 2015. This availability follows over 21 months of Research and Development prior to final production of the limited release market batch.

The KASPARI 5.45 can be obtained directly by visiting www.getkaspari.com.


youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Q9aEOmtshIU7Ma-ojxsyQ
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getkaspari
instagram: http://instagram.com/getkaspari
twitter: https://twitter.com/getkaspari
pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/getkaspari/
website: www.getkaspari.com

#announces, #company, #kaspari, #lifestyle-accessory, #of-leather-belt, #release

Welcome to RentWith.Com rent. every. property.

19 Harden Street, Acacia Ridge, Qld 4110 House $380 / week

Recently renovated and ready for YOU!

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 2
  • Car_space 2

To book a time to inspect, simply click on „email agent“ to arrange. By registering, you will be INSTANTLY informed of any updates changes or cancellations for your appointment. This gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car accommodation home is recently renovated and ready for you to reap all of t… show more

11 Wilkinson Street, Wandal, Qld 4700 House $420 / week

Charming Queenslander with panoramic views of the city

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 2
  • Car_space 0

Charming Queenslander with panoramic views of the city, mountains and beyond. These views can be enjoyed from both the front and rear decks with an in-ground concrete saltwater swimming pool. For those that love hardwood timber homes, this is a must to inspect. The walls, floors, ceilings, ornat… show more

38 Dorisvale Crescent, Tiwi, NT 0810 House $700 / week


  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 0

UNFURNISHED – Fantastic three bedroom fully air-conditioned open planed home. Double French doors take you out to a large entertaining area that allows you to take in the view of the resort style pool. Yard is fully fenced, and allows pets. Don’t miss the opportunity to make this your new home. P… show more

673 Nepean Hwy, Frankston South, Vic 3199 House $490 / week

Beachside home office on Olivers Hill

  • Bed 3
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This EX HOME OFFICE positioned on a local traffic service road for easy access off the Nepean Hwy, has very large living, dining and bedrooms. Beautiful high ceilings allow an abundance of natural light and areas for all the family. There is currently a freestanding studio/office or extra privat… show more

32 Corryton Court, Wattle Grove, NSW 2173 House $510 / week


  • Bed 3
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This immaculate 3 bedroom home offers B.I.Robes to all rooms & spacious living areas consisting of lounge & separate dining/family area. Also offering 3 way bathroom, split system A/C, ceiling fans & gas appliances. Car accommodation is a single lock up remote garage. show more

13 Meadowbank Court, Kings Park, Vic 3021 House $310 / week

Quiet Court Location

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Situated in the great pocket of Kings Park this 3 bedroom Brick veneer home has come available. Comprising 3 Bedrooms (2 with BIRs), kitchen/meals with brand new free standing oven, formal lounge with gas wall heater and boxed air con, modernized central bathroom and single car brick garage with … show more

2/4 Howe Street, Miners Rest, Vic 3352 House $300 / week

Only the best in Miners Rest!!

  • Bed 3
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This brand new executive townhouse on the Ballarat side of town would be ideal for commuters needing easy access to the freeway. Fully catering for year round comfort the property offers gas central heating together with split system air conditioning. The double garage (with remote) provides dire… show more

6 Maryland Drive, Corio, Vic 3214 House $250 / week

Charming Updated Home

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 1

Located in a quiet street, in the perfect location close to schools, shops & easy access to the Ring Road sits this updated 3 bedroom home. Two of the bedrooms have built in robes and all 3 are a good size. The kitchen has gas cooking & plenty of cupboard space, a central bathroom has shower over… show more

28 Kingsley Street, Airport West, Vic 3042 House $450 / week

A Home for All Seasons!

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 4

TO BOOK AN INSPECTION – CLICK ON THE VIRTUAL TOUR LINK Outstanding entertainer with a spacious design will far surpass your expectations. This three bedroom house makes a delightful family home, and has a place for everyone. Comprising of large separate lounge, large dining room and a well-… show more

7 Wills Court, Sebastopol, Vic 3356 House $250 / week

Renovated & updated home in quiet court

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 0

This lovely home situated in a very quiet court in Sebastopol has been freshly painted, has brand new floorcoverings, new drapes and bathroom has had a makeover. Comprising three generous sized bedrooms all with storage, updated bathroom with separate bath and shower, spacious lounge with quality… show more

6A Intercept Circuit, Oonoonba, Qld 4811 House $320 / week


  • Bed 3
  • Bath 2
  • Car_space 1

Brand new and in a great location – what more could you want? Situated only minutes to the The Precinct in Fairfield Waters, Murray Sporting Complex, schools and right beside the city, this property is convenient in every way. AVAILABLE APPROX 13/05/2015! TO VIEW THIS PROPERTY and to select your… show more

343 Blacks Road, Thangool, Qld 4716 House $130 / week


  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 0

If you are looking for peace and quiet but only minutes from Thangool CBD, this three bedroom home is not far from all your needs. Includes a large open bay shed and located approximately 15 mins from Biloela. Book your inspection today before you miss out! No pets. show more

St Lucia, Qld 4067 House $620 / week

Priced to rent! Secure a bargain now!

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 1

Perched on an elevated block overlooking the Brisbane River is this well presented and spacious house. Sprawled over three levels the home features; On the upper level – Two spacious bedrooms with built-in robes, air conditioning and master bathroom with separate toilet. On the middle level – Gal… show more

7/1 Wentworth Court, Golden Grove, SA 5125 House $305 / week

3 Bedroom Townhouse

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 0

This modern home features formal lounge, great kitchen and casual meals that leads to the undercover outdoor entertaining area, 3 good sized bedrooms, a lovely bathroom, 2nd downstairs toilet and a single garage. Evaporative cooling is located on the upper level, a cosy gas heater and a new spli… show more

73 Clifton Street, Balwyn North, Vic 3104 House $440 / week

Great Elegance and Space

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 2

Beautifully preserved by just one family since its 1950s inception, this gracious home is a wonderful opportunity to launch a family lifestyle of envy in a peaceful pocket only moments to the rustic trails and parklands of Koonung Creek, St Bridgets Primary School, Belmore Village shops and bus a… show more

33 Bellbrook Drive, Dandenong North, Vic 3175 House $395 / week

Fantastic 3 Bed Home In Popular Rosewood Downs

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 2
  • Car_space 1

Don’t miss this great 3 bedroom family home offering spacious lounge with WWC and split system A/C. Master BR with WIR and full ensuite. Modern kitchen with lots of cupboards, gas HP’s and WO. Large tiled family room. WWC, vertical blinds and ducted heating t/out. Single garage. Private enclosed … show more

15 Bean Street, Blackwater, Qld 4717 House $190 / week

3 Bedroom Family Home

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 2

New to the rental markets is this 3 bedroom family home.Kitchen with loads of space. Generous sized bedrooms with robes and air conditioning.Plenty of space in the yard to play. Please call today for an inspection show more

3 Oats Close, Bunbury, WA 6230 House $365 / week


  • Bed 3
  • Bath 2
  • Car_space 1

This home is a must see, offering 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus formal lounge with easy care floors throughout. The open plan kitchen, living and dining is very spacious with surround views of the peaceful outdoor area. Feel safe a secure with the alarm system and lock up single garage in a quite … show more

12 Alexander St, Macleay Island, Qld 4184 House $250 / week

Family Home – close to shops & school

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 2
  • Car_space 0

This 3 bedroom home has an ensuite off the main bedroom, large living area with air conditioning and good sized kitchen with dishwasher. Private deck on the front, fully enclosed underneath with a fenced back yard. show more

13 Railway Ave, Merbein, Vic 3505 House $255 / week

Within walking Distance to all of Merbein’s facilities

  • Bed 3
  • Bath 1
  • Car_space 1

This 3 bedroom home is within walking distance to all of Merbein’s facilities. Features include floating timber floor in updated kitchen and adjoining dining room, gas heating in lounge, moden bathroom and 2 toilets. Also offers evaporative cooling, paved & covered outdoor living and garage. We… show more

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Daily Fashion Inspiration For Mums

Affordable Winter Toddler Fashion {Best&Less}

By Rachael Rajendran Wednesday, April 29, 2015 1 Comment Baby, Baby Fashion, Baby Fashion Blog, Boy, Boys Fashion, Children, Kids Accessories, Kids Fashion Blog Affordable Winter Fashion, Best&Less Permalink 0




I shopped at Best&Less and got my 2 year old heaps of fashionable clothes for under $100! I was shocked at the range of fashion and designs available for little boys! I styled Quinn in faux leather jacket, cute long sleeve top paired with denim and converse.       Heaps of fashionable winter bargains which you can mix …

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Holiday Inn Melbourne {Family Getaway Package}

By Rachael Rajendran Wednesday, April 29, 2015 1 Comment Baby, Baby Fashion Blog, My Style, Product Review Holiday Inn Melbourne Permalink 0




Hol Inn1

Holiday Inn

Hol Inn Mel

Hol Inn

I stayed at the lovely Holiday Inn Melbourne last week and experienced the family getaway package.   As a Melbourne based mum of 28 years I know quite a bit about Melbourne and the surrounding area. The Holiday Inn is in the perfect location and close to Southern Cross station and public transport and all of …

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Nooshi Mou {Brand New Online Kids Fashion Store}

By Rachael Rajendran Wednesday, April 22, 2015 1 Comment Baby, Baby Fashion, Baby Fashion Blog, Kids Fashion Blog No tags Permalink 0








If you haven’t checked out this brand new online store called ‚Nooshi Mou‘  for baby/kids fashion – you must do so! They have gorgeous interior products for kids room and the latest fashionable clothing. Perfect online boutique stocking all the latest fashion. Created and founded by two sisters in 2014. Their love of styling and trending pieces …

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Global Bambino{Baby Fashion}

By Rachael Rajendran Wednesday, April 22, 2015 0 Comments Baby, Baby Fashion Blog Baby Fashion Australia Permalink 0






Global Bambino have a gorgeous range of baby fashion. Blending design, art and hipster baby fashion. Australian handmade organic company based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Some of my favourite are the gorgeous super hero prints and bandanna bibs are perfect for any little boys outfit.             Shop here.     Love Rachael Mummy Fashion-Blogger XOXO   

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Winter Styling {Mummy Fashion-Bloggers Style}

By Rachael Rajendran Monday, April 20, 2015 1 Comment My Style No tags Permalink 1

Winter is fast approaching, brrr! I work in an office a few days a week and must dress corpotate. Pencil skirts, shirts, heels. I often buy tights/stockings – especially over the winter months to style and keep my legs warm. I recently got sent Tia Tights and the quality is amazing!   No more mornings where my …

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Giaan By Spalding {Target Australia}

By Rachael Rajendran Friday, April 17, 2015 0 Comments My Style No tags Permalink 0






Exercise isn’t my thing, I dread it but have the worst metabolism and love my carbs. I try to make it fun by getting Quinn involved! This month has been exhausting. My weight always yo-yo’s and it drives me crazy! I struggle to lose weight and feel self conscious. Although I am a ‚Fashion Blogger‘ I often …

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Skin Care Products You Must Try 2015 {Coconut Revolution}

By Rachael Rajendran Friday, April 17, 2015 1 Comment Baby, Beauty, My Style Beauty Blog, Coconut Revolution, Skin Care Permalink 0





I received a few products from Coconut Revolution and absolutely love them – a must try for 2015 and add to your beauty routine. I have very dry skin and this is extremely hydrating, it balances the skins natural oils. Coconut oil can be used to condition hair, moisturise skin, remove make-up. I couldn’t believe …

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Little Fashion Gift Boxes By ChiKhi

By Rachael Rajendran Friday, April 17, 2015 2 Comments Baby, Baby Fashion, Baby Fashion Blog, Kids Fashion, Kids Fashion Blog Baby Fashion, Kids Fashion Permalink 0



Natalie Bassingthwaighte launches a new baby and kids fashion and accessories range called ChiKhi the range is simply gorgeous. Brand new gift packs available. The clothes are beautifully gift wrapped, high quality monochrome prints designed to mix and match, made from bamboo and cotton. Designed for sensitive skin. Perfect for kids aged 0-4 years old. The gifts packs …

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Organising Your Children’s Clothes

By Rachael Rajendran Thursday, April 2, 2015 0 Comments Baby, Baby Fashion Blog, Kids, Kids Accessories, Kids Fashion, Kids Fashion Blog No tags Permalink 0






If you are a shopping addict for your baby/child then you will have clothes everywhere and the wardrobe can become an unorganised mess. You forget the items you own and you have small sizes (my husband always goes for the small sizes). My sons room is an unorganised mess. Clothes everywhere, usually I am running around …

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Winter Pregnancy Fashion {Keeping The Bump Fashionable Over Winter}

By Rachael Rajendran Thursday, April 2, 2015 2 Comments Baby, Maternity, Mother, My Style, Pregnancy Fashion Maternity Fashion, Pregnancy Fashion Permalink 0







I have the most stylish and chic maternity winter fashion to share with you this season. I definitely want to look fashionable throughout all stages of my pregnancy and I am sharing with you. I love winter fashion, you can style your bump and look fashionable over winter. If you are working in an office you can …

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How To Become A Dynamic Speaker (Ebook)

Ryan  Gomez

Motivation Speaker – Leadership & Public Speaking Coach

How To Become A Dynamic Speaker (Ebook)

Go  from communicating to connecting with an audience

How to  Become A Dynamic Speaker (Ebook)

This book is for people who are taking the first step in mastering the art of public speaking and also for intermediate speakers who want to build and become dynamic speakers.

What this book will also help you is be confident in delivering those office presentations to your employees, to a group or if it is just to communicate effectively one on one.

This book will also teach you to:
• Find your voice
• Connecting with your audience
• Go from Communicating to Connecting with people
• Your body gestures
• Getting to the point
• Leaving a strong message & Quality of execution

Learn to deliver presentations with greater confidence, authority and impact.


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