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CLUB MEDicine Paperback – by Jack Kinsley (Author)

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CLUB MEDicine Paperback – April 3, 2015

by Jack Kinsley (Author)

4.5 out of 5 stars 22 customer reviews

What drives a reasonable man to commit murder? Travis Martin was the great American success story. A former addict who started the premiere private rehab in the hills of Malibu, California, he had it all: a thriving business, a beautiful wife, and a daughter who was the center of his universe. Unfortunately, when his recovery took a nosedive, everything he built went right along with it. Now, he has a rehab filled with eccentric clients he’s expected to keep sane, a dark secret he’s desperate to keep hidden, and forces from his past that are determined to strip him of anything that remains. What’s a self-made man to do? Backed into a corner, Travis finds himself stuck on one moral question: Can he commit murder in order to keep it all from slipping away? How far down the rabbit hole will he go? And, perhaps more importantly, how does he come back from it after that life is gone? Part thriller, part redemption tale, CLUB MEDicine explores the heart of darkness within us all as one man balances on the razor’s edge between self-actualization and self-destruction.

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Jack Kinsley


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Jack Kinsley currently lives in Thailand and is at work on his third novel that is expected to be available in August 2016. Jack wanted to immerse himself in Thai culture and its vibrant cities in order to translate real-life experiences into his next writing adventure. It will be an entirely new cast of unpredictable characters that only the backdrop of southern Thailand can provide in its infinite diversity of tourism, culture, and sordid nightlife. Stay tuned…


Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starswe are in for a great „ride“! This story made me laugh

By Lynda Lowman on February 26, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

If this is the first novel written by Kinsley, we are in for a great „ride“! This story made me laugh, made me cry & made me „run for cover“ when the story took a macabre twist. Wonderful characters that would make for a great movie. More Kinsley, more! Can’t wait for the next one!

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5.0 out of 5 starsImpressive debut!

By KB Librarian on March 18, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Filled with sharp dialogue and a touch of wicked humor, Kinsley draws you into a storyline that demands your attention and then slaps you with a surprising plot twist. Paired with a well-developed cast of flawed yet intriguing characters, this novel has all the elements of a top notch thriller. Looking forward to what Kinsley has in store for us next.

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4.0 out of 5 starsA rehab novel with a twist and lot of heart-pounding suspense

By B. Case TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on March 2, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

“CLUB MEDicine,” a debut novel by Jack Kinsley, is an entertaining and ultimately quite thrilling twist for a rehab novel: instead of being a client, the prescription drug-using addict at the center of this book is the owner of the rehabilitation facility. Crystal Heights not just any ordinary rehad, but a small, five-star boutique, ocean-view facility for the super-rich located in the wealthiest part of sun-kissed, coastal Los Angeles. The luxury rehab has ocean views, five-star cuisine, personal trainers, en-suite massages, access to a pool and a spa, daily mental and physical checkups, prescription drugs to ease the pain of withdrawal, and a staff that caters to every whim. But the daily costs to run a facility like this are astronomical and the clients can be extremely demanding and exhausting.
Travis, the main character, is a man who has been through rehab himself. He turned that rock-bottom-of-life experience into a success story. With his bright mind, charming personality, and driven work ethic, he was able to start his own rehab, a business focused on wealthy, neurotic, and spoiled addicts of all kinds. And now many years later, in his $1000 Ferragamo shoes, he feels right at home in that environment…at home, that is, if he weren’t swimming in problems.
Business troubles are not all that’s wrong in Travis’ world; he’s got personal problems, as well. He’s recently separated from his wife, Ana, and beloved five-year old daughter, Bella. Ana wants out of the marriage (mainly on account of his current return to drug use), but worse, she wants to take their child and move back to Romania. Travis just can’t let her do that; Bella means too much to him. But Ana has Travis over a barrel. She’s intimately aware of his current drug use.Read more ›

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5.0 out of 5 starsClub MEDicine, Great, quick & exciting read!

By carina on February 23, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

In one word – Wow!
This book rocks! It’s a great „edge of your seat“ book that delivers from beginning to end, full of unexpected twists and turns, and an engaging narrative that hooks you from the start. I’m an avid reader and this is one book I could not put down. It had me laughing at times and cringing at others, but I won’t go into details as I don’t want to give away any spoilers! To put it simply, it „grabbed“ me on all levels – a page turner that will keep you guessing until the end.
I can’t wait for the next book from this author!

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5.0 out of 5 starsHero? Anti-Hero? Maybe a bit of both.

By Tiffany G. on April 9, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A great read from beginning to end, but definitely not a book that is easy to pin down to any one genre. Part family drama, part comedy, part thriller, this book will take you on a ride to a conclusion you really can’t predict. Travis, the main character, runs a rehab facility, but he is the one who needs some serious intervention. His life is a wreck, riddled with addiction, self-doubt, guilt, crushing emotional loss, struggles with rage and fear, and impulsive behavior that could get him (and possibly others close to him) killed. But despite being one of the most flawed characters I’ve seen in a while, he is a likable person and one you really root for. He has true empathy for others, even those who commit heinous acts, but his brand of tough love may make you uneasy. He also has a keen sense of justice, and is willing to go to extremes to see that justice is done…even if that means breaking the law. And he loves dogs. Really loves dogs. That’s enough for me. I found myself cheering him on in his mission to rescue a puppy from a bad situation and find it a loving home. It’s also beautiful how the character loves his little daughter, Bella. He would do anything to keep her in his life, even if it means he has to commit a terrible act to prevent her from being taken away from him. But he is not painted as a victim here, but as a man who is at least partially responsible for his own problems. Even though he is estranged from his wife, Ana, she is not portrayed as a villain, but rather a person who has a legitimate beef with Travis. And he owns up to it. The climactic action scene is a test of his determination to save a family that may, because of his own wrongdoings, still be taken away from him. Ultimately, this book is about a man dealing with his own personal demons even as he tries to do battle with others’ demons.

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5.0 out of 5 starsI’d happily recommend to anyone!

By Shan A on April 23, 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Club Medicine is an edge of your seat page turner! However, Mr. Kinsley was gracious enough to give us a roller coaster ride of strong emotions including laughter, throughout the entire book. How can you beat that?
A majorly flawed main character (that you can’t help but root for) surrounded by an entertaining ensemble of characters with plot twists that will leave you thunderstruck. Right when you believe you have it all figured out…..BOOM.
I was disappointed when I turned that last page. Yes, this book is one of THOSE!
I can’t wait till Jack graciously shares his talent and takes us on the next journey with his next book. Great read!! Five solid stars!

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Your Leadership EDGE: Mastering Management Skills for Today’s Workforce Paperback – by Ravinder Tulsiani (Author)

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Your Leadership EDGE: Mastering Management Skills for Today’s Workforce Paperback – Dec 30 2014

by Ravinder Tulsiani (Author)

Not everyone is born a great leader, but anyone can foster core leadership competencies for themselves and become actionable, effective leaders. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career and learn the secrets to effectively motivating and developing your team, Your Leadership Edge is the program to take you there. Your Leadership Edge is not just another leadership development self-help book; it is a complete management training program. The leadership training guide is geared toward managers, supervisors and executives of all backgrounds and experience levels and provides concrete steps that you can take to become a better leader right away. As you work through the management training guide, Your Leadership Edge will help you assess your own leadership competencies and allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. From there, the leadership development program helps you find ways to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way of being the type of effective leader that motivates, inspires and retains employees. In the pages of Your Leadership Edge, you won’t find broad discussions of leadership development that are difficult to relate to or use to affect change in your own leadership style. Instead, you’ll engage in a series of exercises and activities that make the concepts discussed relevant to your own position. It’s this difference that makes this leadership training program so powerful. By the end, you will have a deeper appreciation of your own level of leadership skills and be poised to lead those who report to you in a way that maximizes their job satisfaction and improves their overall performance. Discover the leadership skills that transform subordinates into productive, positive and driven teams that are poised to accomplish their goals. Become the type of leader that you have always wanted to be. Order the paperback version of Your Leadership Edge or download this life-changing leadership training program for your Kindle today.

Product Details

Product Description


About the Author

Ravinder Tulsiani, is a renowned Leadership Expert, Author and Speaker. He has appeared in several major media outlets including Bloomberg, CNN and Wall Street Journal and is the author of numerous quality, business and self-help resources. With over 13 years of industry experience, Ravinder’s reputation for excellence reflects his expertise as a strategic planner, who creates cultural transformation in business, focusing on educating and motivating the workforce to achieve core business objectives. Ravinder is not only a Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP) with a Masters Certificate in Adult Training & Development and Human Resources Management Diploma, but has a Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) accreditation and is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI). Ravinder has compiled his wealth of industry experience and his business acumen to comprise Your Leadership Edge – Mastering Management Skills For Today’s Workforce so that industry professionals can unlock their leadership potential using his proven step-by-step program.

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsEasy to understand, and crazy easy to apply

By Rex Tabb on Jan. 22 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I really liked this book. It is a quick read, which was exactly what I was looking for. The author gives straight to the point the most important information about leadership principles. You learn the different type of leaderships and moreover how to use certain leadership skills and strategies. The strategies are easy to understand and easy to apply.
This is a must have book for anyone in management or wanting to hone your skills in the workforce…

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5.0 out of 5 starsGreat book! I really enjoyed this book

By Mike on Feb. 4 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Great book! I really enjoyed this book. I was recently promoted to a leadership position and didn’t really know what my style of leadership was. I especially liked how it identified the different types of leadership styles and how they operate and the pluses and minuses to each one. Discusses how to motivate people. accountability, leading by example, identify strengths and weaknesses, etc. I found the book to be very helpful. Highly Recommend it.

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4.0 out of 5 starsOutstanding Book

By geom2000 on Jan. 24 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Outstanding Book! I’ve been in a leadership role with various organizations and read countless books on leadership development. This one ties everything together into one neat book with simple and easy approach. I highly recommend this for all current and potential leaders.
If you are lookin to improve your Leader Skills , This is the book you need!!

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5.0 out of 5 starsgreat book for all leaders

By Ricardo Osbourg on Feb. 11 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I think it is a great book for all leaders and those looking to get into leadership roles. Most of these principles apply beyond the workplace and can be applied in all aspects of your life. It helped me realize that i personally still have a lot to learn about the true meaning of leadership.

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We are the language experts

As experienced language service providers we are one of the established translation agencies in Germany. For over 30 years our customers have been benefiting from our professionalism and our high standards of quality in the fields of translation and interpreting.



Our translation agency translates and interprets from all world languages and into nearly every one. Besides the usual combinations such as German-French, Dutch-German, German-English, we also translate into more exotic language pairs such as Polish-Spanish, Russian-English, Spanish-Italian, Chinese-German or Finnish-Swedish.

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Jacob Rothschild erhält alle Patente für implantierbare Microchips bei Arbeitslosen ALG II

Unter den Passagieren an Bord des verschwundenen Malaysia Airlines Flug MH370 befanden sich 20 Chinesen die alle bei der US-Firma „Freescale Semiconductor“ arbeiteten. Vier dieser 20 Mitarbeiter besitzen die Rechte an einem US-amerikanischen Patent. Das Patent beinhaltet auch die Nutzung für implantierbaren Microchips. Diese Microchips sollen letztendlich als Erkennungschip in menschliche Körper implantiert werden.



Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%)

Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%)

Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%)

Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%)

Freescale Semiconductor Austin TX (20%)

Datum Patent-Beantragung: 21. Dezember 2012

Datum Patent-Eintragung: 11. März 2014

Datum des Verschwindens von MH370: 08. März 2014

Nachfolgend ein Hinweis, von publiziert: Zwischen Beantragung eines Patents und seiner Eintragung können mehrere Wochen bis Monate vergehen. Die Beantragung des Patents erfolgte bereits am 21. Dezember 2012.

#jacob-rothschild-erhalt-alle-patente-fur-implantierbare-microchips-bei-arbeitslosen-alg-ii, #m8y1

Participants Bilderberg Meetings Copenhagen, Denmark 29 May – 1 June 2014

Bilderberg Meetings
Copenhagen, Denmark 29 May – 1 June 2014

Final list of Participants

FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group

DEU Achleitner, Paul M. Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG
DEU Ackermann, Josef Former CEO, Deutsche Bank AG
GBR Agius, Marcus Non-Executive Chairman, PA Consulting Group
FIN Alahuhta, Matti Member of the Board, KONE; Chairman, Aalto University Foundation
GBR Alexander, Helen Chairman, UBM plc
USA Alexander, Keith B. Former Commander, U.S. Cyber Command; Former Director, National Security Agency
USA Altman, Roger C. Executive Chairman, Evercore
FIN Apunen, Matti Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA
DEU Asmussen, Jörg State Secretary of Labour and Social Affairs
HUN Bajnai, Gordon Former Prime Minister; Party Leader, Together 2014
GBR Balls, Edward M. Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
PRT Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman, Impresa SGPS
FRA Baroin, François Member of Parliament (UMP); Mayor of Troyes
FRA Baverez, Nicolas Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
USA Berggruen, Nicolas Chairman, Berggruen Institute on Governance
ITA Bernabè, Franco Chairman, FB Group SRL
DNK Besenbacher, Flemming Chairman, The Carlsberg Group
NLD Beurden, Ben van CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc
SWE Bildt, Carl Minister for Foreign Affairs
NOR Brandtzæg, Svein Richard President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA
INT Breedlove, Philip M. Supreme Allied Commander Europe
AUT Bronner, Oscar Publisher, Der STANDARD Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H.
SWE Buskhe, Håkan President and CEO, Saab AB
TUR Çandar, Cengiz Senior Columnist, Al Monitor and Radikal
ESP Cebrián, Juan Luis Executive Chairman, Grupo PRISA
FRA Chalendar, Pierre-André de Chairman and CEO, Saint-Gobain
CAN Clark, W. Edmund Group President and CEO, TD Bank Group
INT Coeuré, Benoît Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank
IRL Coveney, Simon Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine
GBR Cowper-Coles, Sherard Senior Adviser to the Group Chairman and Group CEO, HSBC Holdings plc
BEL Davignon, Etienne Minister of State
USA Donilon, Thomas E. Senior Partner, O’Melveny and Myers; Former U.S. National Security Advisor
DEU Döpfner, Mathias CEO, Axel Springer SE
GBR Dudley, Robert Group Chief Executive, BP plc
FIN Ehrnrooth, Henrik Chairman, Caverion Corporation, Otava and Pöyry PLC
ITA Elkann, John Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.
DEU Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus Group
DNK Federspiel, Ulrik Executive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S
USA Feldstein, Martin S. Professor of Economics, Harvard University; President Emeritus, NBER
CAN Ferguson, Brian President and CEO, Cenovus Energy Inc.
GBR Flint, Douglas J. Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc
ESP García-Margallo, José Manuel Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
USA Gfoeller, Michael Independent Consultant
TUR Göle, Nilüfer Professor of Sociology, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
USA Greenberg, Evan G. Chairman and CEO, ACE Group
GBR Greening, Justine Secretary of State for International Development
NLD Halberstadt, Victor Professor of Economics, Leiden University
USA Hockfield, Susan President Emerita, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
NOR Høegh, Leif O. Chairman, Höegh Autoliners AS
NOR Høegh, Westye Senior Advisor, Höegh Autoliners AS
USA Hoffman, Reid Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn
CHN Huang, Yiping Professor of Economics, National School of Development, Peking University
USA Jackson, Shirley Ann President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
USA Jacobs, Kenneth M. Chairman and CEO, Lazard
USA Johnson, James A. Chairman, Johnson Capital Partners
USA Karp, Alex CEO, Palantir Technologies
USA Katz, Bruce J. Vice President and Co-Director, Metropolitan Policy Program, The Brookings Institution
CAN Kenney, Jason T. Minister of Employment and Social Development
GBR Kerr, John Deputy Chairman, Scottish Power
USA Kissinger, Henry A. Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
USA Kleinfeld, Klaus Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
TUR Koç, Mustafa Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.
DNK Kragh, Steffen President and CEO, Egmont
USA Kravis, Henry R. Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
USA Kravis, Marie-Josée Senior Fellow and Vice Chair, Hudson Institute
CHE Kudelski, André Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group
INT Lagarde, Christine Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
BEL Leysen, Thomas Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group
USA Li, Cheng Director, John L.Thornton China Center,The Brookings Institution
SWE Lifvendahl, Tove Political Editor in Chief, Svenska Dagbladet
CHN Liu, He Minister, Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs
PRT Macedo, Paulo Minister of Health
FRA Macron, Emmanuel Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency
ITA Maggioni, Monica Editor-in-Chief, Rainews24, RAI TV
GBR Mandelson, Peter Chairman, Global Counsel LLP
USA McAfee, Andrew Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PRT Medeiros, Inês de Member of Parliament, Socialist Party
GBR Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
GRC Mitsotaki, Alexandra Chair, ActionAid Hellas
ITA Monti, Mario Senator-for-life; President, Bocconi University
USA Mundie, Craig J. Senior Advisor to the CEO, Microsoft Corporation
CAN Munroe-Blum, Heather Professor of Medicine and Principal (President) Emerita, McGill University
USA Murray, Charles A. W.H. Brady Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
NLD Netherlands, H.R.H. Princess Beatrix of the
ESP Nin Génova, Juan María Deputy Chairman and CEO, CaixaBank
FRA Nougayrède, Natalie Former Director and Executive Editor, Le Monde
DNK Olesen, Søren-Peter Professor; Member of the Board of Directors, The Carlsberg Foundation
FIN Ollila, Jorma Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell, plc; Chairman, Outokumpu Plc
TUR Oran, Umut Deputy Chairman, Republican People’s Party (CHP)
GBR Osborne, George Chancellor of the Exchequer
FRA Pellerin, Fleur State Secretary for Foreign Trade
USA Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
USA Petraeus, David H. Chairman, KKR Global Institute
CAN Poloz, Stephen S. Governor, Bank of Canada
INT Rasmussen, Anders Fogh Secretary General, NATO
DNK Rasmussen, Jørgen Huno Chairman of the Board of Trustees, The Lundbeck Foundation
INT Reding, Viviane Vice President and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, European Commission
USA Reed, Kasim Mayor of Atlanta
CAN Reisman, Heather M. Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.
NOR Reiten, Eivind Chairman, Klaveness Marine Holding AS
DEU Röttgen, Norbert Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee, German Bundestag
USA Rubin, Robert E. Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury
USA Rumer, Eugene Senior Associate and Director, Russia and Eurasia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
NOR Rynning-Tønnesen, Christian President and CEO, Statkraft AS
NLD Samsom, Diederik M. Parliamentary Leader PvdA (Labour Party)
GBR Sawers, John Chief, Secret Intelligence Service
NLD Scheffer, Paul J. Author; Professor of European Studies, Tilburg University
NLD Schippers, Edith Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport
USA Schmidt, Eric E. Executive Chairman, Google Inc.
AUT Scholten, Rudolf CEO, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
USA Shih, Clara CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social
FIN Siilasmaa, Risto K. Chairman of the Board of Directors and Interim CEO, Nokia Corporation
ESP Spain, H.M. the Queen of
USA Spence, A. Michael Professor of Economics, New York University
FIN Stadigh, Kari President and CEO, Sampo plc
USA Summers, Lawrence H. Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University
IRL Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, Goldman Sachs International; UN Special Representative for Migration
SWE Svanberg, Carl-Henric Chairman, Volvo AB and BP plc
TUR Taftalı, A. Ümit Member of the Board, Suna and Inan Kiraç Foundation
USA Thiel, Peter A. President, Thiel Capital
DNK Topsøe, Henrik Chairman, Haldor Topsøe A/S
GRC Tsoukalis, Loukas President, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy
NOR Ulltveit-Moe, Jens Founder and CEO, Umoe AS
INT Üzümcü, Ahmet Director-General, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
CHE Vasella, Daniel L. Honorary Chairman, Novartis International
DNK Vestager, Margrethe Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior
FIN Wahlroos, Björn Chairman, Sampo plc
SWE Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB
SWE Wallenberg, Marcus Chairman of the Board of Directors, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
USA Warsh, Kevin M. Distinguished Visiting Fellow and Lecturer, Stanford University
GBR Wolf, Martin H. Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times
USA Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman and CEO, Wolfensohn and Company
NLD Zalm, Gerrit Chairman of the Managing Board, ABN-AMRO Bank N.V.
GRC Zanias, George Chairman of the Board, National Bank of Greece
USA Zoellick, Robert B. Chairman, Board of International Advisors, The Goldman Sachs Group





AUT Austria GRC Greece
BEL Belgium HUN Hungary
CAN Canada INT International
CHE Switzerland IRL Ireland
CHN China ITA Italy
DEU Germany NLD Netherlands
DNK Denmark NOR Norway
ESP Spain PRT Portugal
FIN Finland SWE Sweden
FRA France TUR Turkey
GBR Great Britain USA United States of America

#denmark-29-may-1-june-2014, #participants-bilderberg-meetings-copenhagen

Zukunft von Google Wenn das Vertrauen verspielt ist

Vom Freund zum Feind: Google wurde mit seinem Versprechen der Nützlichkeit groß. Dieses Versprechen hat der Konzern gebrochen, für den Profit verrät das Unternehmen seine Ideale. Eine Chance für die Konkurrenz.

Von Tobias Kniebe

Sollte die Schlacht auf dem Feld der Meinungsmacher entschieden werden, dann sind die schwersten Geschütze inzwischen aufgefahren. Konkurrenten bekennen öffentlichkeitswirksam ihre Angst, Minister deuten die Möglichkeit der Zerschlagung an, EU-Beamte versprechen baldige „Disziplinierung“. Und doch scheint der Kampf gegen Google nicht weiter voranzukommen. Vielleicht geht der Angriff, der die absolute Monopolstellung des Internet-Riesen schwächen soll, nicht ganz in die richtige Richtung.

Die historisch einmalige Vormachtstellung eines einzigen Anbieters – in Deutschland laufen 94 Prozent aller Suchanfragen bei Desktop-Rechnern über Google, bei Mobilgeräten gar 98 Prozent – kann niemand wünschen oder befürworten. So viel ist unbestritten. Wie genau man dagegen vorgehen will, das verschwimmt in den meisten Debattenbeiträgen aber sofort. Alle nur denkbaren Bedrohungsszenarien werden beschworen, die teilweise weit in der Zukunft liegen – bis hin zur künftigen Unterwanderung aller Haushaltsgeräte. Die Vorstellung, was eine politische Regulierung dagegen tun kann, muss notgedrungen diffus bleiben.

Hier soll es dagegen um eine klare Fokussierung gehen – auf das aktuelle Geschäftsgebaren des Konzerns, und zwar ganz aus der Sicht des Endkunden. Was unter anderem auch zu dem Verfahren geführt hat, über das derzeit das Wettbewerbskommissariat der Europäischen Gemeinschaft zu entscheiden hat. Der Vorwurf lautet, vereinfacht gesagt: Google manipuliert seine Suche zum Nachteil jedes Nutzers, der irgendein Produkt kaufen möchte und dabei gern den besten Anbieter finden würde.

Neben Google-Konkurrenten und EU-Beamten betrifft das nun wirklich alle, deshalb muss man es vielleicht noch einmal aufrüttelnder formulieren: Wenn du im Internet günstig etwas kaufen willst, ist Google seit bald zwei Jahren nicht mehr dein Freund, sondern dein Feind. Dies in einer Deutlichkeit zu kommunizieren, die wirklich bei jedem Internetnutzer ankommt, wäre aktuell der erste Schritt. Aber gerade das passiert nicht, oder nicht genug.
Das beste und günstigste Angebot? Nicht so wichtig

Der Grund ist nicht, dass Googles Praktiken nicht ausreichend dokumentiert oder kritisiert worden wären – seit den Änderungen des Geschäftsmodells in den Jahren 2012 und 2013 gibt sich da niemand mehr Illusionen hin. Wer mit seinem Produkt und seinem Preis bei Google ganz oben oder gut platziert am rechten Rand stehen will, muss seit Langem eine Textanzeige bezahlen.

Bezahlen muss seit Neuestem aber auch, wer – womöglich sogar prominent und mit Bild – in der Mitte bei den Ergebnissen von Google Shopping auftauchen will. Dieses Geschäft ist Google wichtig. Weniger wichtig scheint es dem Konzern zu sein, wirklich das beste und günstigste Angebot herauszustellen. Oft genug findet man es nicht einmal auf der ersten Seite der Suchergebnisse, sondern viel weiter hinten. Oder gar nicht.

Versprechen der Nützlichkeit? Gebrochen

Nun könnte man trocken feststellen, dass Google ein kommerzielles Unternehmen ist, dass seine Milliarden eben genau mit bezahlten Anzeigen verdient. Das ist aber nur die halbe Wahrheit. Groß geworden ist die Firma schließlich mit dem gegenteiligen Versprechen: jene Ergebnisse im Ranking nach oben zu stellen, die dem Suchenden den größten Nutzen bringen. In einer Zeit, als alle anderen Suchmaschinen noch eine Flut von nutzlosen Treffern angezeigt haben, konnte Google dieses Versprechen einlösen. Der beispiellose Aufstieg der Firma und ihre aktuelle Marktmacht – all das hängt mit dem Vertrauen zusammen, das mit der Erfüllung dieses Versprechens erworben wurde.

Und deshalb denken all die Google-Gegner, die nun im Staat und seinen Eingriffsmöglichkeiten die letzte Chance sehen, vielleicht zu apokalyptisch und fatalistisch. Vertrauen ist nämlich ein flüchtiges Gut. So mühsam man es erwerben muss, so leicht kann man es auch wieder verspielen. Die nächste Suchmaschine, das ist das Schöne am Netz, ist ja tatsächlich nur einen Mausklick entfernt. Wichtiger und erfolgsversprechender als Jammern und Wehklagen wäre es also, Googles gebrochenes Versprechen herauszustellen – und die Möglichkeiten, die sich daraus ergeben.

Medienangebote, die Nützlichkeit verheißen, ihrem Geschäftsmodell nach aber von Anzeigen leben, sind ja wirklich kein neues Problem. Man kennt das Spiel, allerdings ohne die Monopolsituation, aus dem Printjournalismus. Dort wird es ebenfalls besonders heikel, wenn es um Shopping geht. Mode- oder Technikmagazine beispielsweise treten ja auch mit dem Versprechen an, ihre Leser bestmöglich zu informieren – und geraten regelmäßig in den Verdacht, diese Mission zu verraten, sobald Anzeigenkunden ihnen genügend Geld dafür bieten. Irgendwann bemerken die Leser die Manipulation und verlieren das Vertrauen – und wenn das erst einmal weg ist, kann man es kaum noch zurückgewinnen.

Wahre Nützlichkeit und bestmögliche Informationen, durch Anzeigen finanziert – gerade am Beispiel des Printjournalismus kann man sehen, dass dieses Geschäftsmodell zwar nicht grundsätzlich fragwürdig sein muss, aber auf sehr fragilen Grundlagen beruht. Und so titanisch und unbesiegbar Google im Moment erscheinen mag – ein Windhauch des Misstrauens, der zum Sturm wird, könnte seine Basis schwer erschüttern. Oder aber ein besseres, weil nützlicheres und glaubwürdigeres Angebot.
Bing-Manager machen zu viel nach

In diesem Zusammenhang wirkt es äußerst merkwürdig, dass Microsofts Bing, die nächstgrößere Suchmaschine nach Google, sich nicht stärker von ihrem Konkurrenten absetzt. Bing lässt sich ebenfalls längst für seine Shopping-Ergebnisse bezahlen – zumindest in den USA, und bald wohl auch in Europa. Die Bing-Manager machen Google in dieser Hinsicht alles nach. Das wirkt kurzsichtig, eine vertane Gelegenheit, den übermächtigen Gegner unter Druck zu setzen. Aber es verwundert auch nicht.

Das eigentliche Gegenmodell folgt nämlich einem radikaleren Prinzip. Es bietet Nützlichkeit und bestmögliche Information – aber ohne die Finanzierung durch Anzeigen, auf der Grundlage einer reinen Non-Profit-Philosophie. Wikipedia hat das für den Bereich der Lexika vorgemacht – aus dem Gefühl heraus, dass der Wissensschatz der Menschheit nicht in Verdacht geraten darf, durch kommerzielle Interessen manipulierbar zu sein. Trotz aller Probleme im Detail hat sich diese Idee umfassend durchgesetzt, auch weil sie in ihrer simplen, nichtkommerziellen Klarheit ziemlich unangreifbar ist.

Eine Art Wikipedia für Produkte

Nun kann man das Wikipedia-Prinzip nicht einfach auf den Bereich der Suchmaschinen übertragen, diese Vorstellung wäre naiv. Microsoft gab voriges Jahr zum Beispiel bekannt, dass es mit seinen Webangeboten, vor allem mit Bing, seit 2005 fast elf Milliarden Dollar verloren hat – bei dem nicht sehr erfolgreichen Versuch, halbwegs mit Google mitzuhalten. Umfassende Suchmaschinen verschlingen Geld, das niemand durch Spenden eintreiben kann, die technologischen Hürden sind enorm, und die Nutzerdaten, die Google inzwischen von uns allen gewonnen hat, bedeuten einen weiteren, schwer einholbaren Vorsprung.

Interessant wäre allerdings die Vorstellung von ein paar selbstlosen jungen Internet-Cracks, die eines Tages den Plan fassen, Google in einem einzigen schmalen Bereich anzugreifen – und zwar ausgerechnet dort, wo es am meisten wehtut. Das Prinzip ergibt sich aus den vorangegangen Überlegungen von selbst. Auf den ersten Blick klingt es absurd, auf den zweiten stellt es die Logik des Kapitalismus wunderbar auf den Kopf: ein reines Non-Profit-Shoppingportal – eine Art Wikipedia für Produkte.

Wahrscheinlich wird daran längst irgendwo gearbeitet, denn die Hürden sind sogar niedriger als bei Wikipedia selbst. Verlässliche und standardisierte Datenbanken, in die alle Hersteller dieser Erde ihre Produkte eintragen, gibt es längst. Und ein Interface, über das jeder halbwegs vertrauenswürdige Onlinehändler seinen besten aktuellen Preis mit diesen Daten verknüpfen kann, ohne dafür zu bezahlen – dafür braucht der richtige Programmierer vielleicht einen halben Nachmittag.

Wohlgemerkt würde bei diesem Service nichts verkauft, es ginge nicht einmal um Produktempfehlungen – zentral wäre die faktische Information, der Charakter einer unbestechlichen Liste von Anbietern. Eine Preisvergleichsmaschine, aber eben ohne eigenes kommerzielles Interesse. Sobald sich dieser freie und unmanipulierte Service und die Philosophie dahinter herumgesprochen hätten, würde die Preissuche im Internet hier beginnen – und enden.

Noch interessanter wäre dann nur die Frage, was Google dagegen tun könnte. Verschweigen, unterdrücken, ausklammern? Der Widerstand aller kommerziellen Suchmaschinen wäre wahrscheinlich enorm, weil so ein kostenloser Service geradezu lebensbedrohlich ist, wenn man sein Geld mit Anzeigen und bezahlten Klicks verdient. Aber das Internet wäre nicht das Internet, wenn sich eine derartige Killerapplikation nicht auch gegen alle Hindernisse um die ganze Welt verbreiten würde.

Das bessere Prinzip, das nützlichere Angebot, das klarere Versprechen schlägt im Web am Ende doch alles andere. Durch dieses Gesetz ist Google zum Giganten aufgestiegen, durch dieses Gesetz kann Google auch wieder an Macht verlieren. Man müsste es nur besser nutzen. Und wenn die Politik dabei mithelfen will, ist sie sicherlich herzlich eingeladen.


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