Laúca Dam: President witnesses diversion of Kwanza river

Laúca – The head of State José Eduardo dos Santos witnessed Thursday the process of diversion of the Kwanza river course for the construction of the Laúca Dam in the locality of São Pedro da Quilemba, Cambambe municipality, northern Cuanza Norte province. , The process included the sounding of an alarm by president José Eduardo dos Santos, thus setting the beginning of the activity of the machines that displaced the artificial barrier to enable the diversion of the

river’s normal course into the tunnels built for the purpose.

Speaking to Angop, the director of the Office for Development of the Kwanza (GAMEK), Elias Estévão, who coordintes the Laúca dam construction project, said the diversion of the course will dry up the river bed over an area of 500 metres where the dam will be built.

The official said the diversion of the river’s course will allow the start of construction of the dam, an activity that was preceded by environmental impact mitigation measures to avoid damages to the environment.

Presided by the Head of State and witnessed by the vice president, Manuel Domingos Vicente, the ceremony was attended by various members of the central and Government and those of Cwanza Norte and Malanje provinces.

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